Publishers Weekly wrote about Red Line, the highly acclaimed debut novel by Brian Thiem: “Readers will want to see more of his richly drawn main character.”

Homicide Sergeants Sinclair and Braddock returned In Thrill Kill, the second novel in the Detective Matt Sinclair Mystery series, to investigate the murder of a high-class escort he’d arrested years earlier.

In Shallow Grave, Sinclair and Braddock investigate the murder of their former partner and put their careers and their lives on the line to uncover the truth.

Reviewers praise for the Detective Matt Sinclair Mystery Series:

“This hard-edged beauty makes reviewers think maybe they’ve been too nice to all those suffering cop/lawyer/PI types who swarm the genre… none are as interesting as Sinclair’s psy-war with the world.” —BooklistBrian Thiem Headshot 8 by 10, 300 dpi

“Thiem reminds me of Joseph Wambaugh in some places and Michael Connelly in others. Yes, he’s that good, and his best work may well be ahead of him.” —Bookreporter

“[Thiem’s] skill as a storyteller makes me look forward to more. Reading this book was not unlike the thrill you get when a car takes off with the pedal to the floor.” —Crimespree Magazine